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RULE OF THUMB and the way its really always been for MMO.

You NEED if you are going to use it for that specific character doing that SPECIFIC if my sorcs is healer and he'll use it then i NEED it......i may not put it straight on as i may want to augment it first etc but thats the idea...a little more confusing with mods but thats the general gist.

If you dont' NEED in those circumstances then you can GREED all.....pass only if you really don't want to it or are lumbering it/giving it all to someone else.


If you may want it for your companion, so ALL ITEMS CAN BE OF GREAT USE, then you SHOULD ASK FIRST before needing otherwise its just GREED and see what a bunch of rakata 50';s in black talon and i want something for azshara on my sorcs then i say OK IF I NEED FOR COMPANION and unless i get a yes/no then i need or greed appropriately.


If you find someone is doing the wrong thing challenge them they usually apologise and it can be traded and sorted out or have a vote and kick them.

BACK IN WOW DAYS i was kicked as we took on the boss JUST IN CASE i wanted to roll on an item that may have dropped and the leader of a pug didn't want to take the chance, AND it was a one run a day dungeon too so these probs are more odd person centric and don't let them ruin it for all of us WE WON@T.

Good luck and happy hunting
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