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There is a degree of bullying that happens in groups with 3 guildies plus one PUG member. I often find that it brings out the worst in people. I'm always cautious about a PUG with that group make-up. Sometimes it goes really well and we clear it really fast, but other times you had better watch out because you will become the scapegoat if something goes wrong regardless of whose fault it is.
I often pug HM FPs with 2 other guildies and pick up a 4th and I'm always extra nice to the pug in those situations. We also try to be very fair to pug members filling out slots in operations too; we'll use Master Looter but give them the exact same chance to win as guildies and often we've almost completely equipped a pug member of our group by the end!

If you care about your guild, you care about your guild's reputation. It matters to me that The Orbital Guard and The Onyx Guard play fair and don't screw people over!
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