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01.06.2013 , 10:09 AM | #5
I just hope that when they do bring in new gear they don't alter the lower lvl gear stats etc. I know in WOW atm there is a huge issue with players using the new lvl 80 grade MOP items and they are able to full clear the current raiding content that is lvl 90. There are players that have solo cleared the MOP content...thats right lvl 80. Paladins are able to equip the new lvl 80 MOP grade gear and the stats are so high that it pushes their defensive abilities over the top and there is a bug with vengeance that allows it to tick for million of hps with a judgement. There is a certain paladin that has cleared all the old lvl 80 content, lvl 85 content, and now lvl 90 content by himself...he was even able to do a HM 25m LK kill as a level 80 paladin tank!
As long as bioware doesn't gimp the gear like blizzard did we should be fine.