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01.06.2013 , 10:02 AM | #9
EVO needs of You!

We are growing & would like to offer open invitation to join us. We clear TFB HM weekly & working on NiM.

We are a laid back family guild, we understand family first so we setup up a raid schedule and ask those who can show up and we understand when those who don't cant. Currently have dedicated Raid group 1 and working on Dedicated Raid Group 2, healers are on short supply but happy to have any class apply.

We focus on PVE but we venture into PVP all the time. we have 8man Rated team that works to get together but would love to have more interested in rated pvp so we can get more groups going & have some versatility in the que's. Most of us have been playing since Day 1 and love helping alts level & running daily/weekly events, we are also looking forwards to the level increase and expansion.

Apply Online or contact us in game