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Excuse me but this is just wrong. There is currently only one guild which has been able to kill Kephess in NiM 16 after much difficulty. The content by no means is "Very easy". Judging the game purely through by the book expectations of healers and dps playing perfectly does not always apply to every situation in raiding. I would not in any way say hp stacking is the way to go, but there is no "this way or you suck" situation in gearing up so long as you follow basic principles in this game, and that does not in any way include having to get 0.2% more absorbtion in comparison to 190 HP. Both have their own merits.
maybe in your own server but there are several on our server. Nemesis, Empire, Wrath of the forsaken... and there are 3 or 4 others. but again my comment saying this game is easy is directed to the tanking, there is no encounter where the incoming DPS is so high you need to stack endurance to survive. and I am judging the game by what it is. My main is a tank and my secondary character is a DPS and healer, so ive seen all aspects of the game in all content under all difficulties. i have a pretty good idea of what im talking about.

I didnt see the 16M part you may be right there im not sure how many have completed 16M yet.