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Two points I'd like to add:

1. In 0/27/14 we have increased stealth and faster rate of movement. This allows us in Novare Coast to (with force speed and predation) run behind the south bunker and sap healers before they get to the fight on the opener.

2. With increased stealth and movement speed, effectively run the 3-1-4 (the one being the dps assassin) in Civil War. Not to mention the usefulness of Low Slash in this endeavor.

(I know, minor points but I felt like contributing).

Also, with the reduced cooldown on blackout, the aoe damage reduction, the (almost insignificant) self-heal on Death Field and the 2 points in Entropic Field and Sith Defiance (not to mention the other survivability abilities that are available to any assassin spec), we are not squishier than dps operatives, even sorcs and powertechs are squishier than us. I would even venture to say that the only other dps that is not squishier is the jugg or marauder. This is a common misconception though even I, when I first ran the Wakajinn when 1.4 was released, respecced after 2 days because I thought it made me too squishy. You just have to get used to it and you'll figure out how to play the spec well enough to put out monster damage and stay alive.
Agreed on all points. I found that when I run 0/27/14, squishiness was never a problem. Most full deception assassins need to understand that the absence of VS is a good thing. The graphic that accompanies VS is a honing beacon for any intelligent premade to tunnel you as fast as possible, because left to your own devices, you can wreak some havoc if left alone. It is one of the single most identifiable and iconic attacks in the game. It also "shows your hand" so to speak. The burst of a 2/31/8 spec is incredibly predictable, and easily countered. Unless your enemies are really paying attention to your buffs, it is very easy to be ignored as even some of the best groups in the game will see a normal thrash and assume you're darkness/combat spec'd.