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01.06.2013 , 07:26 AM | #5070
Let's talk about NPCs on Makeb!

Now, I've not played Trooper and for obvious reasons didn't romance Watcher 2 with my Agent, so I don't know much about non-companion continued romances. There aren't any of these in the open world (unless there's one on the Pub side I've not heard about) so I was wondering what people would think if two* of the [Flirt] options were available as continued romances during your stay on Makeb.

I think it would be a nice change of pace from "I like your uniform" and the obligatory shag-in-a-cupboard you get on Nar Shadda and would, to me at least, demonstrate that Bioware has some interest in providing romances.

Also, as these qualify as "NPC [Flirt]s" and not companion romances, I wouldn't be that worried that a continued romance would be indicative of a future without companion romances. In fact, I feel it would possibly be a good demonstration of what Bioware would want to have in the future.

*Yes, two. For obvious reasons. Would be nice if they were only available to people wanting same-sex options (i.e. you've got a straight male but can't [Flirt] with this woman because she's a lesbian and has no interest in you what-so-ever, doesn't matter if you're on the Dark Council.)