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If you believe you are experiencing issues due to network latency, please provide the following in this thread:
  • Time of day you feel latency is worst (if it is restricted to a particular time of day, please include your timezone)
  • Your traceroute output at the time you are experiencing the issue using the 'code' tag (see below for details)
  • Your traceroute output when you are not experiencing the issue as a comparison
To help us get maximum benefit from this thread to help you, please avoid other comments that are not reports on this issue. Thanks.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Time of day: All day, all night
Traceroute Output:

I have also ran several continual pings via PingPlotter to both and and while there is packet loss on a few of the hops, by far the bottleneck and/or increased latency happens at when pinging or tracing to both IPs. This is where my fairly constant pings jump into the 290s and 300s ms ranges. The DNS of that IP is: My best guess is this is the Bioware outside edge router.

I have uploaded a screenshot of my PingPlotter results. As a note this run was for a short time, however I have ran the ping for at least 6 to 8 hours with the same results at If more details are needed, I would be happy to provide them. However, based on the results, I am confident in saying the increased latency is not being caused by my local hardware. I also believe that the hops that show 100% loss more then likely have replies to ICMP disabled by the local ISP.

PingPlotter screenshot is here:

Thanks for your time.