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First of all flashpoints have been edited to remove some groups of mobs within the flashpoints, lowering the amount you have to fight. Second the scoundrel can knockout mobs (CC) without causing aggro. Come on they gave us the ability and tools to do so.

CC isn't an ability to use to skip npc's, it is there for example to aggro 1 npc in stead of 2.

Normal CC such as the force lift is what you describe. The smuggler's CC can be used before combat without any aggro. If they wanted us to have to fight every mob they wouldn't have given us the ability to CC trash mobs without aggro.

I've been here since closed beta - I would of quit shortly after if I couldn't use the spacebar. I enjoy the clips, though not enough to watch them a 100 times. I'm all fine with rewatching them if somebody hasn't been through; though people shouldn't be forced to watch them. That would be a horrible design.

No because with the exception of Esseles / Black Talon there are just a few cutscenes inside FP's. They hardly matter.

You clearly don't have alts (or many at least) if you think that. Also this goes beyond flashpoints. This includes doing normal quests, which talking to the npc takes longer than the quest itself.

Freedom to play how you would enjoy is a bad game design? I see..... No, no I don't.

As we can see, in group content there are different people with different opinions. You get both verbal pvp in game and forum pvp here just because there are different ways to play the same flashpoint. One prefers this, the others prefer that and when you play the fp in a group finder queue you get the people who smacktalk other people just because of their preference. That is a bad game design.

If the devs removed all trash mobs from for example hard modes then there wouldn't be any need to skip because they simply aren't there.. see what I mean.

There are four of you, take a vote. Person that doesn't get their way can either go along or leave. It's a group finder, if you want to dictate other players' action form a group without the group finder. Using the group finder is a cooperative tool. Work together or get kicked - for most parts. Harsh but it's better than LFG. I personally never kick people, but that's the mentality of the system.

For the most part it works fine; I rarely ever find pugs with drama in them.
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