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You know, this game is terrible. Why?

1) Npc skipping inside instances -- exploit. Npc's are there for a reason whatever that may be. The devs didn't put them in for decoration, they interact to your presence and open fire. The fact that they have a very smallish detection range is bad game design. In SWG (that previous Star Wars MMO) you couldn't "skip" npc's in instances, if you wanted to complete, you had to kill all of them, simple. Everyone knew how much time the instances were going to take and prepared for that. If it would be the same thing here, everyone would simply know how much time they were going to take. Skipping = exploiting game mechanics

First of all flashpoints have been edited to remove some groups of mobs within the flashpoints, lowering the amount you have to fight. Second the scoundrel can knockout mobs (CC) without causing aggro. Come on they gave us the ability and tools to do so.

2) Not viewing lines and cutscenes -- the usual omg spacebar. Spacebar = another bad game design made by bioware. You'll know how long the instance is going to take if it doesn't do anything. If you don't have the time to play an fp you wanted to do... then don't, simple.

I've been here since closed beta - I would of quit shortly after if I couldn't use the spacebar. I enjoy the clips, though not enough to watch them a 100 times. I'm all fine with rewatching them if somebody hasn't been through; though people shouldn't be forced to watch them. That would be a horrible design.

The bad thing in this game isn't as some of you want to believe that people are allowed by game mechanics to aggro npc's or to not spam the spacebar but it is the fact that it is possible to skip.

Freedom to play how you would enjoy is a bad game design? I see..... No, no I don't.
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