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Now i will describe one story which drew the line for me:

I joined a flashpoint group which seemed to be going pretty smooth, but no one seemed to talk and i just got a feeling of awkwardness and tension.

Did you try being personable with them?

they skipped by alot of enemies without telling me which threw me off a bit because ive always tackled every enemy in the way. but it didnt matter much because i was far enough back to react to this. I got caught up on a cliff and they just kept going. Now isnt it common courtesy to help group-mates out?

I tend to ask if everybody did the flashpoint prior to "starting" the flashpoint, once we're all inside. Just to get an idea of the player's knowledge. Though I tend to skip trash, unless the person requests to do the fulll flashpoint. If you aren't making notion of your concerns we can't help you. As for waiting for you, that's kinda rude. Did you ask them to stop?

so after getting un-stuck, i rushed to catch up, and i managed to accidently cause an attack on myself and i ran towards my group for help. a person in the group right away said "dont run towards us" now... isnt the whole point of a team effort to help each-other out? so i decided to dis-regard what they were saying and run towards them for help.

You should of listened: he asked you not to come to them. By the remark he made and the sentence after it was a mob pull the group wasn't prepared for. In that you should of died and came back. Your actions costed the group to die. Not that it's a huge deal though, repairs are cheap.

to shorten, we ended up dying and respawning back to the start. not too far from where we died. two group mates immediately trashed my actions saying "they should force people to play these before doing hardmode". that irked me a bit and i felt bad. another thing that ticked me off, is that no matter what, i like to enjoy the convo-cinematics and i will listen to the characters talk. during this, one anxious groupmate kept spamming "SPACEBAR! HIT THE F****** SPACEBAR!". And after the convo said "they should just remove story stuff from hard mode... saves on time to rush through". pretty ignorant and self-serving, huh?

The spacebar guy is just a complete idiot. Does he have any clue which game he is playing? The biggest feature this game advertised was the voice acting.

and to finish, i accidentally pulled 3-4 very easy (like 3000 hp) droids over and got yelled at for pulling enemies to them because i needed help. then after that fight, i was voted to be kicked out.

Impatience, though expected since they were annoyed from prior events. Still rude though.

So since i hit 50 for the first time yesterday, i have attempted to do hard mode flashpoints and never completed one because i keep finding these types of people who are insanely competitive. i have gotten kicked every single time because of things i have no control over. and so what if i want to listen to a convo? im interested and the people can wait like one minute. not that bad.
We're on different servers, though if you ever feel like switching; main character is Brimmer over on the Republic side on the server Jedi Covenant. I'd be happy to take you through flashpoints with my friends, and help you gear up.
Check out the spoilers for a good way to earn credits!