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Sorry to necro an old thread, I'm not saying people who use bubble blind are bad. I'm preemptively stating that bubble blind isn't necessary, and those who say it is the one true way show a lack of understanding of the class. This is the max pvp dps build for sorcs, I'm confident of that from being at the top of the sorc dps heap on Terentatek and then pot5 since launch. It does strip your CC to the core and you have to be an expert at kiting and positioning to use it since you don't have much room to screw up. The damage output is second to no other spec though.

Many who try this spec are skeptical about whether casting lightning strike to get chain to proc is worthwhile. I can say this, nobody that has ever tried it has expressed regret, not even really new players.
i used to run 7/17/17 back n the wrath cl days but CL just doesnt do it for me anymore..