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Thank you for your input. As most things I know already. And the same hard mode "tips" have been noted.

At the same time I'm not changing my play style because I play what best fits me and I do my best.
I'm not going to ask you to change. If you've found a play style you enjoy, then more power to you. At the same time, you need to realize that other people have other play styles they prefer, and those styles MAY NOT be compatible with yours.

If you are a player who enjoys watching the cutscenes, then you need to make note of that to your team mates. If you're a player who enjoys clearing the content, same. If you like to RP your way through, and don't find the idea of skipping content or bonus bosses, or other things to be enjoyable... you need to tell your team. Because then your team mates can decide if they're going to stick with you, or if you're not going to be compatible with their play style.

Again, this is where a guild comes in, as you can find people who are similar to you, and who enjoy playing in compatible play styles with yours... then you can avoid PUGs entirely.