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So you're worried enough to sit on fleet so you can watch chat? And you edited your signature so you character name is no longer there...? If you aren't worried about a bad rap, what's your reason? And you also admit to running or being CO-GM of a guild. Great way to recruit and progress...pissing off all the guilds who can actually clear content. Because i guarantee you that every single one of their raiders will speed run HM's.Mind throwing your guild name out there as well? Because i sure as hell know that I wouldn't want my CO-GM saying they were going to make speed runs as miserable as possible for those who wanted them...

Ohhh wait. Now I see why you're worried enough about server rep.
I was sitting at the fleet long before that comment. And I removed my username from sig before I read your comment. I don't give a damn about my reputation. As if someone could have one in an online game where hundreds of people come through each day. And yeah my guild backs me up. And as if a single comment makes "all the other guilds" pissed off. Uh huh. Sure. Seems legit.

And we don't want elitists in the guild to begin with because they are basically acting like you are right now and let's be honest... I don't think many people would want to hang around you now, would they?

I suspect your harassment against me is drawn by some distant rage and prejudice. Whether its based on my gender, or my intellect, or you straight up don't like me. Well as far as you have said you have absolutely no reason to be very cold and ill tempered.

You obviously get some sort of a rise out of insulting people and know what, no one is the same as you. Sooner you start realizing that the more people might actually respect you.

I'm being nice here because I don't have the patience or reason to rip on you so the fact of treating me like trash is uncalled for. So you are no better than a school-ground bully.

So if you can't speak respectfully like I am now without mouthing off insults every 3 words, then don't speak at all
"Who I am is not important, my message is."