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My guild is in my signature. If you can't figure that out...good luck. We run 4 raid groups and a 16 man raid. 3/4 NiM EC 8 man and 5/5 16 man TfB HM. 260+ members with 45 on at peak times. I know one of my guildies has already posted his 50's but to answer your question: Yes. I do not know of a single raider in my guild that would rather slow poke his way through a flashpoint. HM LI-15 mins max, BoI-14mins max, we don't run Kaon as a FP because it takes too long. They're a means to an end. Black Hole coms and Hazmat gear. Story is for sub 50 or SM. Why drag out boring and cake walk content.
I did not read your sig through with too much attention because I simply do not care, thanks to your attitude

Cool stats you have there, lets see if anyone actually care how many minutes it takes from you to clear this and that For me it actually sounds terrible if one has to measure how many minutes they have LOST their time to play this and that instance of the game.

The bolded sentence just made my sunday morning! Incredible how such a short sentence can create people so much joy and fun! "We don't play that mission because it takes too much time, like 30 minutes which is like 10 more minutes than some other missions", man it must have been terrible when you have been leveling your chars, think how many HOURS of time you have lost doing all those missions and possibly pvp in those same instances!

But anyway thanks for the answer! Now people who do not want to clock the time they take when doing those instances can just happily ignore you and your guild I also give you a friendly advice just for free: go and do those missions you want to do with your guildies and stay out of Group Finder. That will spare a lot of stress and anger from you and from other players who want to sit down and enjoy the instances. It's a true win-win situation for everyone!
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