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I love all of the Jedi Knight companions (yes, even Rusk. I found he complements a DS JK very well.)

RIsha and Akaavi are my favorites so far of the Smuggler's companions (haven't gotten Guss yet though)

I like all of the Trooper companions in their own ways, don't really have a favorite over another.

Vette is far and away my favorite Sith Warrior companion and probably my favorite overall. I just love everything about her.

Khem, Xalek, and Talos are my favorites for the SI companions. I like Ashara too but I feel she could've been much better written...

Mako is definitely my favorite of the Bounty Hunter companions. I've used her almost exclusively on mine.

Haven't played a JC or IA enough to really make a decision on them yet.
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