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So since i hit 50 for the first time yesterday, i have attempted to do hard mode flashpoints and never completed one because i keep finding these types of people who are insanely competitive. i have gotten kicked every single time because of things i have no control over. and so what if i want to listen to a convo? im interested and the people can wait like one minute. not that bad.


Im tired of how stuck-up people are during hard-mode flashpoints. worrying about for fast to get through a convo, or about accidentally pulling a few enemies to the group for help. and i get kicked for all these dumb reasons

So what im saying here is, do you agree with this arrogant play-style? or do you think there should be more co-operative-ness (i know thats not a word) in these hard-mode flashpoints?

i can honestly say i'd like to think people are nicer than this but im about to give up on humanity over this
So, grats on hitting 50. I hope you made sure to get at least your Recruit MK2 gear (its better than the tionese you get).

Now, let me cover a few points for you, so that you can understand where a LOT of us level 50 players are coming from:
  1. Cutscenes - We've seen them a thousand times. So please spacebar through them. If you really want to follow the story, to learn the lore, then you should be playing the flashpoint on story mode. Not hard mode. The simple fact is that the VAST majority of people playing the hard mode flashpoint are there for one of two reasons: HK parts or black hole coms.
  2. Gearing - This is a serious issue. Hard modes ARE hard (for undergeared players). Even the tier one flash points can be challenging to a player that is in pre-level 50 gear. So when you hit 50, make sure to get that recruit mk2 pvp set, or at least the tionese set. I cannot count the number of times I've queued up, entered a flashpoint, and found a tank wearing pre-level 50 gear.
  3. Storymode - PLAY THE STORY MODE. You need to know the fights. No, really. Every time I have to stop and explain a fight to someone who is standing in the lightning, standing in the red/purple/blue circles, that is NOT interrupting abilities... seriously, play the story mode. The mechanics of the fights are almost identical, except maybe a tiny bit harder.
  4. Skip, skip, skip- As I like to say in operations, a fight skipped is a wipe skipped. Now, this usually isn't true in HM flashpoints, but the point is: When you skip a fight, you don't really lose out on ANYTHING. You don't need the XP anymore, and any fight you can skip drops garbage loot. If the op leader is asking for stealth CCs, don't charge in and start whacking at stuff. Chances are they might just want to skip the content. Here's something to do the next time you're in a flashpoint: Count how long a single fight takes. Then count how long a skipped fight takes. Fighting mobs unnecessarily simply wastes time.
  5. Get a guild - No really, a guild is a great place for many many reasons. But here's a few: People will run HM FP with you from your guild. You can use teamspeak or other voice communication tools to ease the process and learn to follow raid leader commands. It gives you a bunch of other people with similar interests to gang up and do things with.

All of that being said, if you make a note that you've not done said FP (in HM or SM), and/or you mention that you would like to watch the cutscenes... I'm usually perfectly happy to oblige. I'll explain the fights, the mechanics, and what to watch out for. I'll watch the cutscenes with you, and alert you when we're skipping stuff. But, you do need to TELL ME before hand.

As a last note: If you're going to start a HM FP run... make sure you have the time to complete it. Joining a run, getting to the second or third boss, and then have someone go AFK for an extended break is not enjoyable and I'll usually votekick on that. Also, if you're queuing up, try and get out of combat quickly so that you can travel and join the FP. No one likes to enter a flashpoint that you clicked "ready" for, and then went off to do something else while everyone else is waiting for you to get there.