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Exactly the reason I put them out there. Anything with the Kyoto legacy on the Harbinger server is mine. Ignore away. More people ignore; faster and smoother my GF runs go.
I'm sure your "server reputation" just went high up, buddy Quite a lot viewers this thread has gotten and you just put all your 50s on for everyone to see. I'm sure quite many people who hate reading the constant "skip, run, smash spacebar" during the HMs just found new names to add to their ignore-lists. But hey atleast you will find more people who enjoy playing this game by hugging walls and skipping content which keeps you away from ruining the game for the people who actually like to use their chars' abilities

Would you please also tell us your guild and if your guildies think and behave like you do so people who are reading this thread and are on your server can ignore them aswell?
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