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Your logic is truly false! Your logic is "I use vote kick because that player is not something I like" and that is the CHILDISH behaviour and logic. If everyone used the vote kick like that there would be people vote kicking people "because the don't like how the other people's char's faces look like"

I will keep reporting that kind of "harrassing behaviour" if BW especially tells me not to do that as I find kicks from the groups because I want to watch The Foundry's convos and kill the bosses. That kind of kicking is "harrassing behaviour"! And btw, thanks for sharing your 50s with us back there! Sadly I'm not on your server as I would have really loved to add your toons onto my ignore-list.
Exactly the reason I put them out there. Anything with the Kyoto legacy on the Harbinger server is mine. Ignore away. More people ignore; faster and smoother my GF runs go.

And no. My logic is: this person must be a dumb *** because they face pull everything that can be skipped. BoI can be run in 11 mins with no stealth. I don't remember the last time I tried to complete the whole thing but holy cow it was way too long. Why would you want to waste your time running a HM for minimal credit/gear gains when you could be doing so many other things?
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