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Hahahaha oh man oh man. You just made my night. I don't think I've ever laughed harder reading a post in these forums and that's including the PvP "please-L2P-smashmomkeys-aren't-OP-at-all posts". The group finder has a vote to kick for a reason. So you can kick people who are AfK or slow or don't skip cutscenes. You are exactly what Döminion is talking about. An extremely entitled person who thinks their time is more important than the 3 other people's time you're grouped with. By you being slow through a flashpoint, you're wasting others time. Hence why GF has a vote to kick. It's not " oh elitist tank thinks I'm slow" kick. It's VOTE to kick and a majority system. If the other 3 people think you messed up; you're getting kicked. I hope Bioware looks into it and you get hit for false reporting. They did nothing wrong other than use the tools the game provided. At which point you took extreme childish offense and reported them. As for your "response" it's a standard message for all reports: nothing more.
I'd agree with the Afk kick, but the slow and don't skip cutscenes i don't think bioware had In mind for that use.. Just saying your replies are incredibly over zealous
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