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01.06.2013 , 12:29 AM | #5072
Oh Nozybidaj, arenīt you a little ray of sunshine in this thread, and been so since your very first post.

Since you seem so certain that SGRAs with companions are not at least in the works can you please explain why Makeb will feature some same sex flirts (of yet unknown magnitude). Because it seems to me that unless there are definite plans for providing full romance arcs, including some flirts in an high-level, non-free expansion seems like the ideal way to anger as many people as possible. Supporters will be satisfied for less then a week before the joy of the final inclusion wears of and the frustration about the inequality of the content starts. While at the same time opposer will make a ruckus about even such a minor inclusion.
The only reason why anyone would behave that way is if they intentionally want to ruin the game.

The most sensible assumption is that they are working on full inclusion (otherwise why bother putting it in Makeb in the first place) and that the only reason that they are putting flirts it in Makeb now is that they did not want to release another planet with just straight flirts, even if it will take more time to alter existing content.

Though I personally donīt expect full SGRAs to come before the expansion bringing chapter four of the character story, and that will likely not come before the end of 2013.