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I've got one I'm not sure about. Balmorra, Class quest, as you're planting fake drop offs, on the final one I got something from from Risha. Not sure if I clicked on her by accident, but it doesn't sound like that.

Risha: "The Senate is filled with morons to let a planet like this go."

Edit: Got a definite one for Risha, but have no idea whether it's taken or not, it's a little unclear on her Balmorra lines. Co-ordinates 480,140. I got it when I was leaving, but it probably is suppsoed to be when you're approaching the Crater Base in Gorinth Canyon.

Risha: "Look at this Imperial base. What's the word I'm thinking of... oh, right: "deathtrap.""

Edit Edit: Guess I'm a big fan of a Risha + Gunslinger combo, I have one more for her. Pretty much as soon as I touched down on the planet, she said

Risha: "Nobody mentioned Quesh was made of toxic mud. Should've worn my least-favourite boots."
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