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Quote: Originally Posted by DSpectre View Post
Says an Elitist.

and btw, people who are Anti-elitist are with me. Elitist are against me. do i seriously care? Not one bit.

you would need a microscope to find the interest i have in that.

you are also using a scare tactic which, btw, is not working. plus there are very many anti-elitists who will ignore you too.
Okey, good luck getting into anything other than SM ops with that attitude. You can take your stupidly long cut scenes and flashpoints with your crappy gear. Ill take my NiM EC clears.

As for your "anti-elitists" putting me on ignore; I have zero interest playing with people who watch cut scenes outside of new content. Waste of my time in flashpoints and I can guarantee that i wouldn't want someone who doesn't know how to skip in any operation; especially EC. Have fun getting kicked from raids
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