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Cool story, bro! Why do you play the game if playing it properly and enjoying the content is "wasting your time"? Why wouldn't you just sign off if it's that horrible to spend few more extra minutes watching nice voice acting and killing a boss or two?

I don't pay for this game to smash my spacebar or hug walls and jump platforms like I did back in the early 90s with my NES and Mario-games. When the queue pops up it's time to enjoy the game, voiceover and use my char's abilities as much as possible! Some people have raged because I like watching convos and killing thrash tooto a certain point, some have vote kicked too...And I have reported those vote kickers after putting them onto my ignore-list.
Sounds like you need thicker skin if you are getting angry enough to report people for vote kicking you for holding up their run. I enjoy the game plenty and I enjoy it most of all when a run is fast and efficient. I have zero problem with kicking someone from a hard mode that I have cleared with only the aide of my companion. Easier to vote kick and finish with a comp out than deal with some primadona that would rather delay others by dragging their feet through a run. I'll make sure to note your name so I can put you on ignore and never have to deal with you if I am on your server.