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Also, good luck getting into raid groups now after this. Was on fleet earlier today and people were already talking about this post. Your server rep is ****ed already due to this. While its not as bad as the scammers out there; people already have a super low opinion of you and you explicitly saying you're going to make the flashpoint hard for people who want to run it fast and then accusing those people who want to run it quickly of being elitist. Just because you want to run it fast to get on to other stuff doesn't make you an elitist. How ever saying you're going to make other people's runs miserable just makes you a first rate *** clown.

The more you keep making other people wait on YOU and not going with the group, especially as a very crappy geared dps, the longer your q time is going to get everyday because more and more people that you piss off will ignore you so that they don't have to wait on you.
Says an Elitist.

and btw, people who are Anti-elitist are with me. Elitist are against me. do i seriously care? Not one bit.

you would need a microscope to find the interest i have in that.

you are also using a scare tactic which, btw, is not working. plus there are very many anti-elitists who will ignore you too.
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