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Welcome to Elder Game SWTOR, it is obvious you do not belong here.

Hardmode Flashpoints are scaffolding content to gear players as they move towards actual endgame content, the Operations.

If you enjoy the Story of each Flashpoint, by all means play the Story Mode versions of those flashpoints.

However, you are a member of a player community.
Recognize that you are not in the right Flashpoint if you want the Story, the vast majority of HM runs are specifically for Black Hole Daily and Weekly Com Runs.

Players are attempting to gear up so they can move on to actual End Game content.

Your description indicates, not that you are being abused by "Elitist Players," but that you want to effectively troll better geared players than you because you feel as though, in your words, they "deserve it."

Happy you are not on my server, as you would be Vote Kicked and Ignored the moment you pulled these stunts.
You sir, are very lucky. He is on my server but thankfully he posted his name in his forum signature so now all my toons have him on ignore...problem solved for me
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