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I though my point was settled a while ago...

For the Elitist's who keep posting on here:

I get where you are coming from. I understand you have done the quests a bunch of times. but there is NO NEED to rip on others who dont play up to YOUR standards. everyone is different.


i like watching the story. i dont care if its over and over. I ran Black Talon on my new sorcerer about 7 times last night. know what? i didnt not use the space bar. why? because no matter how many time i play through it i choose different dialogue options and see what outcomes i get.

Put it this way: If the story is there, why not view it? I'll skip a convo if i want to skip a convo. no one owns me or tells me how to play. Ill figure it out. i take advice. i may not use it, but i thank people for it anyway.

If im out there to please the Elitist, then ill skip enemies and convos. but if i come across those of you who are Elitists, i will make it my goal to make your FP run as hard on you as possible.

after all, you do indeed, deserve it

This is nothing about being an elitist. It's about being considerate of others. You are only thinking about your self and what you want to do. When it comes down to things like these, majority rules and most people don't want to be held up by these things. I've said it before, if you want to watch the story run it non-HM, simple as that. I'm not trying to be mean and I'm sorry if you feel that way. If you don't want to listen, then fine don't, just let me know if I'm wasting my time trying to get you to see reason.