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First off, the OP's "Force Projection" idea is something I actually support.... and I have supported ideas like it for a very long time. What if instead of projecting little force balls, instead it was a saber throw if out of the normal melee range? One of the biggest complaints of the Sage/Sorceror is that you don't use your lightsaber AT ALL. While, I think that people should expect that because that's what you're signing up for when you choose to play as a Sorc/Sage, I do realize the merit in it. But anyway, yes, I personally feel i need something else to do while on the move besides Project.... as well as I would like a ranged attack that has no Force Cost... no matter how little damage it actually does.

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But our basic attack is Disturbance, even though it is very different from other classes basic attacks. For the cost of being static (and a tiny force cost), we get more damage and, in the endgame, faster global cooldowns.
Wait.... how do we get faster global cooldowns? I'm probably just being stupid here... But.... we do? How?
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