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The grouped wiped, because they were not a group. Sorry in a HMFP I want the people that accidentally pulled to run to me. They get to me, they will live and the mob they pulled will die. Someone pulls by accident I am running towards them. They better be hitting defensive cooldowns and running towards me. I do this dps or healer, only difference with my healer I bring up the rear so any inadvertent pull is in front of me, on dps I stick right behind the tank unless someone says they are new, then I will be right in front of them waiting when needed for them to catch up.

Mobs in HM FP are a joke outside a few in LI HM and Koan, so someone pulling one and running up the group is no big deal, provided the group is more interest in killing stuff than typing insult at whoever accidentally pulled.
As for skipping cut scenes, it can take a lot more time to watch a cut scene than to skip it. Most people have already seen them multiple times. They're just not interesting after the first couple of times and they add so much time to a FP. I'd rather kill every mob in a FP than watch a full FP's cut scenes. I'm guessing that most people are going to feel the same. If you haven't seen them, I can understand the desire to watch them but consider what it's like for someone who has seen them a dozen times. It's extremely boring. Anyone can solo the SM FPs and some classes should have little problem soloing the level 50 SMs (which don't have a lot of cut scenes anyway). They can all be easily two-manned. If you really want to watch cut scenes, do the SMs or run them with friends.

I'm not even sure what the point of discussing "fault" is when someone gets stuck. People get stuck. They didn't do it on purpose and they're not going to try to do it again. Get over yourselves and wait a second. No one is asking you to donate a kidney.

As for the 16 man nightmare progression guy who expects everyone queuing for FPs to be on his level. Get a little perspective and grow up.