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I can't believe so many folks are buying into this crap. The only reason we are getting SG Flirts is because it likely actually saved them time and money, less alternate dialogue to record and faster implementation time since they don't have to code in gender checks and additional lines of dialogue. Things are now the same for both gender in the flirt options. This just happens to be why the old "time and money" excuse from pre-launch was a load of bull.

I also can't imagine how on Earth updating existing companions is somehow "like totally super hard". 90% of the needed content already exists right there in the game. Each romance would likely need only a handful of lines rewritten, rerecorded, and reprogrammed. Likely only a couple of the romances would require any significant amount of rework.

If changing a few lines of dialogue is some monumental task on the part of the devs that risks introducing character destroying bugs or extended server downtimes (i can't even fathom why that would be the case) or require rewriting entire sections of game code, content updates are going to be so monumentally slow and rare the game will simply wilt on the vine as you get your yearly content update. How in the world can they add whole new sections of content and gameplay if changing a few lines of dialogue presents such a critical risk? Answer is, it doesn't of course.

So all the new excuses really are, in the end, are more excuses. I bet making brand now Ops and WZ's are "like totally super hard" too, but they don't seem to have any problems adding those to the game. No, this isn't an issue of time, resources, or complexity. Its just a fresh round of dismissal and exclusion.
o.O Have the flirt options been shown to be just the same dialogue for all characters to the same NPCs? Or is this just what you're assuming (tho you could be right)?