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01.05.2013 , 07:15 PM | #203
for those who missed it (i.e. probably everyone not on my server and then some) I did an impromptu steaming marathon last night with some friends. No commentary (tried in the beginning, was way too distracted) but hey, you still get my eclectic music tastes for six hours!

When not trolling I consider myself a very modest person, but if I do say so myself there is some absolutely monstrous assassining on display here. I may do some voiceovers on certain parts in the near future but you can/hopefully infer a lot of my strategy and ideas by watching what I have right now.

It is nearly six hours, but I promise its very much worth it to watch even a little. There isn't a long wait between queue pops and I barely did any node guarding. Also the chat might be fun to read huehuehue
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