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The only thing that can reasonably be done is adding new companions the way HK51 has been added with VA for the earlier planets included. Additional quests can be added on the core planets with NPCs that are available for SGR.
Sounds reasonable, event though I'm still unwilling to give up hope yet they'll be doing something with old companions eventually. To have to level to 50 to be able to experience SGR forever sounds too half-assed to me. *crosses fingers*

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Has there been any update or ETA on when same gender romances will be implemented? Sorry but i just don't have the will power to look through 500 pages of thread :S
The new expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel will bring SGR romance/flirting options for the Makeb planet. ETA is said to be spring. Unfortunately no companion romances as of yet, but they may be coming at a later time.

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