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What specs are your dps running? The one spec I know you need to have is your merc be arsenal.

What my guild does for 8 man runs is this. We have 2 maras: one running Anni and the other (me) running rage or carnage, one Sin in deception spec, and one sniper in Lethal Engineer. We have our Sin take the first pool while me and the sniper take the adds. Since our Sin uses blackout or what ever his stealth is called in his rotation, he also takes the second pool since vanishing removes the debuff. Me and the sniper take the second group of ads again. For the 3rd group, the sniper stands in the puddle and me and him take the adds. Really these adds die so fast that the sniper or Sin could probably solo them during their turn in the puddle. We kill the Horror just after the 3rd male and that's only because our dps has him down so low that we have to wait so we don't get the male and the soft enrage at the same time. I'm pulling well over 2k dps on this fight in carnage when I just stay on the boss and 2.3 when I'm rage and taking care of the adds. The adds don't sound like its your problem; it just sounds like really bad dps. Our Sin and Sniper are at anywhere from 1.8-2k on this fight and our Anni Mara is at 2.1 k (all these numbers are rough estimates based off other fights because I'm on my phone at work and can't ask em. But it's numbers they usually have in MoX and Granted were all in BiS 61/63's but we get lazy on this fight).

As for the Jealous Male; the off tank pulls him over to the pool and we AoE him with the adds then burn off what little health he has left.

This fight is by far the joke of TfB. If your dps can't beat this, then you guys are going to have massive issues on everything else in that Operation. Best of luck to you guys and I hope you get it down
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