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You make good points. OK, how about this. Unlike the Jedi the Je'daii don't advocate leading armies off to war and responding to attackers with Force, only as a last resort. The Je'daii aren't trained to wield lightsabers, because it symbolizes defenders and war etc, but they focus all time into honing their strength in the Force and so can be formidable. I therefore wouldn't advocate them leading soldiers, even as advisers. We also have to consider that as not official protectors of the Republic, they don't automatically have that kind of authority. But the Je'daii will monitor and operate in the shadows, and if they see a need to intervene, maybe with minimal force to subdue, they will do so.

So the guidelines:

Je'daii are the guardians of peace and harmony in the galaxy.
Je'daii only use violence as a last resort, and never for the purposes of war.
Je'daii use their knowledge and power to advise and guide.
Je'daii respect all life, in any form.
Je'daii serve only the Force, light and dark, and maintain its balance.
Je'daii seek to achieve wisdom through knowledge and understanding.

And the code:

There is ignorance, yet knowledge.
There is emotion, yet peace.
There is passion, yet serenity.
There is chaos, yet harmony.
There is death, yet the Force - there is only the Force.
In some sense, I think it could work. At least, until they have to face great threat, which forces them into battle. If you are not trained to fight while still resisting the dark side, but circumstances force you to fight, you will fall easier.

Also, from the perspective of a reader, I admire an order of knights or warrior monks more than I admire an order of pacifists quite meditation only order. I, personally, think the Jedi are already watered down enough into pseudo-pacifists in many star wars works. Instead, I'd rather like them based upon the ideal of knights.

The codes are good, I especially like the last line with the double-Force as opposed to the other line. It fits quite well.
"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side… Sith Lords, we called ourselves. So proud. In the end we were not so proud. We hid… hid from those we had betrayed. We fell… and I knew it would be so."
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