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01.05.2013 , 06:03 PM | #7
I prefer the Shinrika build (or something similar). I don't try to set up for maul as it's a bit annoying, but I do use it only if I get the 10% crit damage and 30% maul damage buff per the deception and madness tree. Plus once I'm done min maxing (getting the best mods in my gear) I will do enough damage with thrash and shock. If you use maul incorrectly you end up loosing a lot of force.

It's a very fun build though, once properlly geared, you'll get a lot of the survivability of a tank geared assassin (I mean most people use tech/force attacks) and most of the dps of a full deception assassin.

As for pure deception, you do get much higher attacks, but you're survivability is also quite terrible.

The ratio for survivability vs. damage is quite a lot better as a tank specced dpsing wearing assassin anyway.