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I think being pacifists wouldn't guarantee they stay away from the dark side. Some Jedi have fallen to the dark side through... wait for it... meditation.

Imagine something like the Krath Cult takes over a system. A few Force-using knights could infiltrate the palace and take them prisoner without causing too much casulties.
And if every military would have some Je'daii among the troops, they could prevent war crimes from occuring.
Je'daii in police functions will help capturing dangerous criminals alive and without too great risks.

And if two planets decide to fight each other, but the Je'daii in the troops of both planets go to the battlefield and start negotiating with each other, they might prevent the war better than advisors could.

The line about ignorance and knowledge is: There actually is ignorance. You should encourage young Je'daii to admit their ignorance and try to gain knowledge.

also: There is light, yet darkness.

But I'm cool with different sub-oders in the Je'daii Order.
You make good points. OK, how about this. Unlike the Jedi the Je'daii don't advocate leading armies off to war and responding to attackers with Force, only as a last resort. The Je'daii aren't trained to wield lightsabers, because it symbolizes defenders and war etc, but they focus all time into honing their strength in the Force and so can be formidable. I therefore wouldn't advocate them leading soldiers, even as advisers. We also have to consider that as not official protectors of the Republic, they don't automatically have that kind of authority. But the Je'daii will monitor and operate in the shadows, and if they see a need to intervene, maybe with minimal force to subdue, they will do so.

So the guidelines:

Je'daii are the guardians of peace and harmony in the galaxy.
Je'daii only use violence as a last resort, and never for the purposes of war.
Je'daii use their knowledge and power to advise and guide.
Je'daii respect all life, in any form.
Je'daii serve only the Force, light and dark, and maintain its balance.
Je'daii seek to achieve wisdom through knowledge and understanding.

And the code:

There is ignorance, yet knowledge.
There is emotion, yet peace.
There is passion, yet serenity.
There is chaos, yet harmony.
There is death, yet the Force - there is only the Force.