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I started with the if build and then changed to tactics because I didn't wanted to be like all the vanguards. But in the end my low dps an low kill numbers made me change to assault. The problem is that I use tactic gear for this (I started out with this and don't want to do the whole grid over again). I saw a great improvement and I like it really well. But now that I'm getting elite wh tactic gear I was thinking to give tactics another go (luckily there is the respec in fight for that). My question is what is your damage at the end of wz's? +300k? What build do you use and rotation. I know there are many posts around this but I liked your answer.

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Full tactics. In this screen cap i had yet to get either of my implants and i was still using my shield, as i had just changed to tactics 3 games prior to this one. Also, i was running the ball half the time (HtL ftw). Two games after this one i had 488k damage in a Void Star that was not stalled on the first door and ended early when we made it to the second door. Everyone who says tactics doesn't have its place is wrong or simply hasn't played it (if i get another, "oh my friend's best friend's nephew said it sucks"...) To me, its probably the funnest spec in the game, since there really isn't anything like it. To top it off, not many people play it, and im fine with that.

I played IF, then assault. This spec trumps them both IMHO. The spec has a ton of utility and the in-combat movement is really helpful. Most people that try the spec say it sucks after the first WZ and just swap right out. If you give it a chance, it really grows on you quickly.
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