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I agree that it would be nice that he used words like 'delayed' instead of 'cancelled' except for the fact that he also said it would be way harder to implement them than they thought, when the reality is all you have to do is get rid of the gender check, clean up the occasional pronoun, add the character's voice (the LI's voice is obviously already in the game) and there it is. There isn't anything hard about it. Someone mentioned 'jealousy scenes', obviously thats something they could add if they wanted to but arent the least bit necessary to the romance itself. If you romance somebody, you romance them, it doesn't 'have' to relate to any other character, of course those scenes are always fun to see, just like its always nice to have your gender/race mentioned by somebody in the game, but its not actually necessary. If they added the romances to the game, then said 'going back and adding in jealousy scenes will be hard, we're going to delay that', then that would make sense, and better still it would actually be true, unlike what he actually did say which wasn't the slightest bit true.

The bottom line is that he put in a gender check specificly so we couldn't play these romances, and now he's pretending its 'really really hard' to get rid of it, when in reality he just doesn't want to. Why would he? He put it in for a reason, he doesn't want to get rid of it for the same reason he put it in in the first place. Because he doesn't like this sort of content, and doesn't want it in his game. The only way to overcome that is with enough pressure so that he would rather have it in his game than continue to be annoyed by people asking for it. If somehow a couple of flirt options with NPCs on a planet you have to be level 50 to reach satisifies enough people and they don't keep asking for what we rightly should have, and were promised, then he wins, and he keeps them out forever. Its as simple as that. Hopefully that isn't what happens, I know for my part I'm going to keep asking for what we were promised, and for what virtually every modern game now has, the ability to romance any LI you like, and I hope everybody else will also.
The problem is that SWTOR is an MMOrpg. If this were a standalone game then indeed they could remove the gender checks, do some VA, and release a patch.
But. This isn't a standalone game. Nor a standalone game with multiplayer options. This is an online game. Live at that.
They can't just go back and change these options. It would likely bug everyone's progress with their companions in the process. The same goes for NPCs. They can't just change those. It'll have different effects for people who've done the quests, are in the middle of the quests and those who have completed it. And these conversations and quests can't just be reset either. And the idea of some item resetting it, is also nearly impossible. It can be coded, but the consequences and bugs as a result cannot be overseen.

The problem with SWTOR is that SGR could've easily been in at launch without much difficulty or high costs. Instead someone made the poor call to not do it. At an executive level maybe they thought like most do here that it would be easy to implement, but are now realising that it's not an easy task, but an incredibly difficult one. They'd be facing possible bugs for almost every quest and conversation. That's an impossible task.

The only thing that can reasonably be done is adding new companions the way HK51 has been added with VA for the earlier planets included. Additional quests can be added on the core planets with NPCs that are available for SGR.

Your game, your character and progress, are on the server. This isn't a standalone game. It's coded differently. It's not something that can be fixed easily.

Additionally, to implement such a patch for the millions of account toons that are the servers, they'd have to take the servers down for days, not just hours. Adding new content, some new code to add new FPs, WZs or Planets already takes 4hrs for a small patch, and 8hrs for a big patch. Now imagine them recoding it all, and making changes to save games. That's a task that'll take days, and sorry folks, just not realistic. I would love to see it. But realistically it's nearly impossible. At this point in time I'd rather see them spend time on some new SGR companions. That can be a content patch done in an 8hr server downtime. Development won't take much longer than redoing the previous companions, and it'd be something new for everyone. Yes it'd be the "SGR companion", whatever. It's something that'd get me through the 50 levels for a toon before I reach the new content that will be inclusive.
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