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Hmmm, I think the Force is inherently light side. That is at least what the Prophecy of the Chosen One says. Its sort of 70% light, 30% dark. But the Je'daii Order need to find some sort of middle ground to maintain balance in the Force, basically wherever the Father was on the spectrum. A sort of 'gray Jedi'. Just did some reading on gray Jedi and its seems that many of the Gray used both sides of the Force. They were more attuned the light but used the dark side, but were free from dark side corruption, they did not fully embrace it. Jolee Bindo for example could use force lightning without being corrupted and did so by controlling his emotions but not blocking them out. A form of 'Electric Judgement'. The Je'daii Order would be gray Jedi.
Yeah, I can agree on that. In this case balance means something slightly different from balance between light and darkness.

I also think having several force sects would be dangerous, as many might turn to the dark side or cause imbalance. You need a single, unified body that believes in the same code in order to achieve balance.
Hm, I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I think different Force sects is worth the risk.

What would there code of goals be? Something like this:

Je'daii are the guardians of peace and harmony in the galaxy.
Je'daii use their powers meditate and reflect, never for violence.
Je'daii use their knowledge to advise and guide.
Je'daii respect all life, in any form.
Je'daii serve only the Force, light and dark, and maintain its balance.
Je'daii seek to achieve wisdom through knowledge and understanding.

They are dedicated to upholding peace and harmony in the galaxy, yet do so through meditation and reflection. Garnering knowledge they use it to advise peace upholding forces in the galaxy and encourage them down a path of further peace.
Then they should at least allow people to be trained in the Je'daii Order and then return to their homeworld and serve as knights. Force users in fighting roles are much more capable to face some threats than non-Force-users are.
The Je'daii would keep watch over them and call them back if they think they are too close to falling to the dark side.

And this is how I believe they would interpret the various Jedi Codes:

There is no ignorance or fear, there is knowledge.
There is emotion, yet peace.
There is passion, yet serenity.
There is chaos, yet harmony.
There is only the Force.

They recognise the importance of knowledge and understanding, it drives out dangerous fear of the unknown and ignorance of it. They embrace emotion, passion and chaos, but control it and so achieve peace, serenity and harmony. They understand there is no light or dark, only the Force.

Hmm, I'm not sure about the first line... since "the wise knows nothing but seeks knowledge", maybe the old Ignorance, yet knowledge. would still be better.

Also, I like the line "There is no death, there is only the Force."... can't we keep it somehow?
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