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Tell me if I'm jumping too wildly to conclusions, or if I'm missing something.
In any case, I'm personally fine with either new companions (as in both one male and one female for all of the separate classes) or the old ones. Secretly pining for Vector. As long as they won't go with the one-size-fits-all as with HK. I'd prefer something of actual equality.
Yeah, you know, that's definitely an issue and might be the reason why we haven't gotten SGR with companions yet. Maybe this is what they meant when they said things turned out more complicated than expected. I do hope, a little further down the road, we'll be getting SGR with new companions and at least a few of the old ones. They just need to find a way how you can actually break up with someone. Or tell us, flat out, that we'd have to reroll.

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/shrug Take what you want from it. I thought it was pretty clear. I'd bet my house that you will never see Same Gender romances with your companions. "oh this is like really hard and stuff" and "delayed" are pretty obvious Developer speak for "we don't wanna".
We'll see. Don't give up just yet.

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When you play games with so many different people, from different cultures, with different things they want out of a game, with different playstyles, different personalities, there is really no point in caring about the opinion of some idiot who has gotten lost in the internet and doesn't know how MMO communities work. .
Unfortunately, out there are a lot of ignorant fools who like to pretend they're in the vast majority with everything they do and lack curiousity or downright tolerance to be able to see how many other people are inherently different to them and like different things. In the words of Monty Python "We're all individuals".

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They don't tell us spit, but on the rare occasion that they let some meager tidbit slip they don't appear to lie.
Yep, I do agree, so far at least, that's been the case.

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Long-time lurker here. Just want to say glad you guys are finally getting your turn for developments. I'm a straight, white male, and SGR is a staple in some of the other BW games. I usually don't part-take in it myself, but you guys definitely deserve some good news.
Hope you get companions soon!