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This may have been said at some point already but there are a lot of pages to go through in order to check so please bear with me.

I too was extremely disappointed by Ashara's outcome (or lack thereof), and I think that the entire storyline of the class and many of the companions are victims of the game not being finished when it was released.

However, with that said, as I look back on Ashara's storyline, I see some SERIOUS potential to play the dark side corrupter as the game moves forward with the upcoming and future expansions, namely to events at the end of her story when she talks with the Jedi that have lost faith in the Republic.

My hope is that the new expansion will include a method to turn her, even if it is something quick and dirty like making her carry out multiple interrogations under pressure, though I have a distinct lack of faith in Bioware and EA because of the last year or two. I'd love to get something in depth like bonus missions on every class quest to have the option to make her perform increasingly Dark actions, but in the end I'd settle something quick and dirty to just get it done.
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