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Sorry, for me, as a German, all what he writes is horrible to read. I really hope he is from somewhere else and talks about thinks he knows nothing about.
I feel for you.

This guy is totally off the rails, he doesn't even have a point, he doesn't seem to understand that genocide is genocide no matter what the reasons or how much they focused on it, and its certainly not a good thing. And I'm tired of debating with him. Let's all just console ourselves with the knowledge that these kinds of governments never last and never will, but as much as he argues otherwise, people don't like oppression, murder and suffering. Go democracy! Go Republic!

Anyway, this debate over the ideals of the Sith & Galactic Empire's has regressed into god knows what. So lets get back on topic so the purpose of this thread isn't entirely sullied:

@Maaurin. You make interesting points and I agree with your thoughts on democracy and that. Monarchies can work, but such rule centralizing powers in a single figure is dangerous. But on the topic of the Force:

I get the idea you agree that the Force seeks some form of balance between light and dark in the galaxy, but just because this is so doesn't mean we should accept it, for the dark side harms the galaxy in ways beyond the Force. And I would agree.

To be honest I'm not really sure what a Je'daii Order would entail, would partially accepting the dark side lead to suffering? I do not think so. Much like the Father the Jedi would be dedicated to harmony, peace and balance. They would be benevolent in nature but also willing to be practical, and make sacrifices if need be. Take a look at the Je'daii Code:

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.

The first tenet is the same as that of the Jedi Order. The Je'daii would uphold knowledge just as the Jedi do, and provide wisdom to the Republic and other nations that strive for peace. It's the second power that could be dangerous, the Je'daii reject fear but embrace power. I don't really think I understand this code enough to comment. But power can mean many things, power in the Force, power through knowledge. I believe Je'daii can possess power without wanting power over others.

I'm at a crossroads here. The benefits of the Jedi are they are clearly protectors of peace and justice, dedicating to serving the Republic and defending the weak. But they attract threats from the Sith and others and bring them to the Republic. And they are caught in an eternal conflict with the Sith. The Je'daii Order are in balance with the Force, and so war between Force users is minimal. But they are not there to protect the Republic, it must learn to protect itself. They serve only as advisers.

I'm still leaning toward the Je'daii Order, perhaps combined with the ideals of the Baran Do Sages. A non-militant (that would be for the best) organisation that offers advice and instruction to institutes willing to uphold the peace. There primary purpose is to study the Force and use to guide their decisions and fuel the wisdom they give to the galaxy. Meditation is their primary purpose. And they quell Sith threats before they can begin. Non-military here is important. An organisation that does not focus heavily or at all on combat, and using the Force as a weapon is unlikely to cause students to grasp at power and want to dominate others by Force. Because unlike the Jedi they are completely dedicated to peace and pacifism. Pacifist force users are unlikely to turn Sith. Think of them as almost a secret society, dedicating to keeping peace in the galaxy, and working behind the scenes to ensure this happens.