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- Story is for Story Mode (the name gives that away, there can be no confusion), If you wanna watch cut scenes do those (I enjoy the cutscenes in this game and watch them in Story Modes).
- Not knowing the fights, well should have done story mode but you may forget. Say so and most people will give you tips (I can summarise Lorrick fight in 4 lines).
- Not knowing how to skip, well just say so people will show you how.
- Pulling random trash - can be annoying but just say sorry and kill them, I have accidentally pulled random trash hundreds of times mostly through just not paying attention since I have done the FP so many times, just apologise, kill them and move on. If you do cause a wipe offer cash for repairs (most people won't take it).

Alternatively run FPs with friends or guldies, I find that even if we **** up and are on voice chat we just crack a joke at the derp's expense and keep going.

But PuGs are PuGs and this is the internet so do not expect anyone to be courteous to someone who is inconveniencing them.
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