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Just wanted to point out that PT/Vanguard DPS with Bloodthirst, Armor Debuffs, and adrenals will cap at 2,185 dps (simmed) after 6 minutes. So, without two of those, doubt we're going to see a legit PT/VG parse over 2100.
well, i'll damn sure try..but, i doubt i will get there in 61's. i recently upgraded my WH rifle to reflex27 barrel and 61 PvE mods, as well as reflex27 armor on DPS went up 100+. i was pleasantly surprised.

i've only been playing this class/spec for a week (just switched from worthless Merc, who is >200 DPS less in the EXACT same gear)), so i plan on improving.

8/8/25 Assault. 9.5m range, no stockstrike used. 61/61/61 (minus belt, 58/58) and 63/61/61 MH/OH.

99.89%, ~40 tech crit, ~75 surge, ~1100 power.
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