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Not that I ain't impressed, but when you are the last one in the fight its easier then if you had your entire team up, you can run the same route and just DPS and use the heals you can. I have done the same on my sentinel, ran around, trying to DPS, but then it was harder as we had our entire team up, I am impressed however by how the rest of the team has died at the encounter, you really should focus on improving then on being impressed by that single dude.
I don't quite understand your last sentence, but I never said it was hard or anything to be impressed by. I just posted a video of me soloing the last phase of Kephess, nothing more. It was quite easy for me, as I was an Op healer and could keep myself up with instants and HoT's without much difficulty as long as I kept moving and dodging the circles. I've personally lasted a long time on my Jugg tank as well for that phase while everyone else was dead. Unfortunately, Jugg tanks do very low damage and can't heal very much. I've been wanting to try that fight on my Mara, but have been tanking and healing ever since I got the other two up, not surprisingly.

To the poster that stated it was sad that my raid died, I don't really know how to respond to that. All I can really say is, everything is from one's perspective and comparative. I know on these forums there are players and guilds that clear EC NM and TFB HM with ease, I understand they would feel my guild is bad, but as a player who dinged 50 and healed LI HM with Tionese and Recruit, as well as just solo'd Kephess last phase, I can safely say they are more than likely not more skilled than me personally. The rest of my guild is another story entirely, though.