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Agree. The issue is not the classes you've mentioned are gimped, but rather 9/10, Jugg DPS, Snipers, Operative DPS, Sin DPS, Jugg Tanks (and their Rep equivalent) have difficulty performing up to par, hence the general audience's perception overtime that they are weak. This thread by chukles is actually very good by changing that perception by sharing actual parses, and can actually help existing good players improve themselves if they bother to look@ the logs. Yes it is true you need good gear to make it to the top parses. BUT i guarentee you would be able to increase your DPS muchmore by improving your rotation/cast priority, than say getting more dread guard upgrades...

Thumbs up for starting the thread

I'm not objecting to the thread, because I think there is some benefit to such a conversation, but I would suggest two improvements:
1. Some sort of gear posting, because while improving my rotation/cast priority can help, the gear makes a difference. If I'm comparing myself (Rakata/BH partially optimized) with someone in full Dread Guard, I may spend a lot of time beating myself up when in reality, I'm on track and doing just fine.
2. Make sure everyone has included talent build. This is being done by some, but not all, and it's extremely important, since my problem may not lie in my rotation/cast priority, but in where I threw those extra points. (e.g. Looking at SmurfandTurf, I notice he's gone 31pts in Pyrotech, which was not what I understood the "standard" DPS build to be. Now, seeing his numbers, I may have to give that a try and see if it improves my performance.)

So, great idea, Chuckles. Let's see if some additional information can make this useful to the hoards of folks who aren't sporting tons of Dread Guard.