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You know happens! You just need to learn from your mistakes and adjust your play style for HM content. Most HM content, people like to skip bosses. Why? Because they have probably run the SM version and HM version hundreds of times across countless toons.

Example: I have 16 toons across 2 servers. 4 level 50 toons. My highest geared toon is currently in almost full Campaign gear. My 2nd and 3rd highest level 50 toons in almost full Columi with Campaign/dread guard gear. How did I get that gear? Running the same dailies, FP's, and Ops across all of them. ALL. OF. THEM. For close to 13 months now.

My point? I now just want to rush through most FP's and get the content done. I hate slowing down for other people and hate even more when other people have to slow down for me. I know there are so many personalities in this game that when I play, I don't want to be a burden on people and don't want people to burden me down. It doesn't mean I won't help. If you ask to fight certain bosses for drops, I have no issue. If you ask to *need* on certain gear, no issue. If it's a HM FP and you are listening to every cut scene...I'm giving a few warnings and them I'm leaving. Not to be mean, but because It's boring just sitting there waiting on one other player to listen to cut scenes. I had someone do this on HM Esseles. I was tanking and I asked if we could skip cut scenes for such an already long FP. Healer and DPS agreed. Lowest geared dps however kept choosing to listen to cut scenes. After he died a bunch of times (hp was around 13k) and he kept not wanting to spacebar, I apologized to the group and advised them I was leaving. Healer did too and actually left before me lol.

Point is, and this is to anyone playing, not just slow have to be considerate of everyone you are playing with. Not everyone has the time to wait on slow people, or pull aggro from every mob, or fight every boss, or listen to every cut scene. Some of us are casual players who come on just to run a few dailies, FPs and Ops to keep our gear current. Some of us (like me) are on every day, 4-5 hours at a time but want to get through FPs and Ops quickly to get on one of our other 15 alts lol. No reason ever to be a douche to anyone but also no reason to not be considerate either.
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