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Has anyone had any problems with sendiing mats to crafter and not getting item back? After contacting a crafter, mats were sent. It's been over a week and no response. Any recourse that is out there?
I had some hiccups getting things crafted over the holidays as well. It took 10 days to get some mods crafted and I'm still waiting on another mod that I sent mats for 5 days ago.

I think everyone understands it's the holidays and doesn't expect immediate turn arounds, but if a crafter is going to be gone for two weeks I feel like they have a responsibility to post something here so that folks using this forum can make better choices about who they are going to have craft something, especially since most items have multiple crafters to choose from.

When players send millions of credits worth of crafting mats and fees to someone and don't hear from them for days/weeks, bad blood is likely to result.
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