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Title says it all really. I almost always go with the Biochem route simply for Medpacs and Stims, since I find they make leveling easier and that they're good for end-game. However, on my newly made Commando (Speccing into Combat Medic, if that makes any difference at all) I've decided to take a different route. I think Armormech or Cybertech would be my best bet, looking towards endgame crafting in particular. What exactly can Armormech craft at endgame that's useful other than Augments?

I'm aware of Cybertech at endgame because my Merc has 400 Cyber.

If I'm wrong and shouldn't go with either, please tell me

Thanks in advance!
If you are going with any wielder of light sabers, Artifice. It will keep your toon in purple hilts, generators, crystals, and even augments. Can compliment your cyber tech in gearing the alt to blow through content. Has some worth end game too. If you are doing it just for end game, go with this.

if you are going with the trooper, I would go arms. It will compliment your current trade skills in keeping him geared. Armor is a non issue as you can easily gear him in mod gear and just use mods, not have to keep buying armor. Mine are usually all orange gear by the time they hit 20 (except for ears, implants that my bio makes for them). Up to that level, gear is pretty cheap and you only need greens and some blues if you have purples and blues in your mod weapons.
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