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its an mmo and my pubs n imps have prolly killed over a million sentient beings already personally how any npc consdiers by characters good is beyond me. that aside i do agree some of the DS are over the top. but the idea that this backstabbing society is hopelessly dsyfucntional from the start is kind of silly imo (of course).

i mean western/ roman history anybody? they basically gained western civilizatons definitive empire while having 2 variations on ruling power classes. senators then imperials... that spent their lives back stabbing each other undermining rivals and ruthlessly climbing to the top.

military commanders decimating their own units for failures was common.
and to be honest you can pretty much chalk up their expansion and peak to their own over the top ruthlesness and talent/focus on violence. as well as cartoonishly obvious evil diplomatic maneuvering to buy time just to come back n kill and mass enslave a more dangerous rival later.

throw in force super powers where one guy can solo conquer a planet or 2. and i find empire even with some of their terrible resource wasting behaviors to be completely viable. is it an eternal empire? no, but thinking it could have a pax sithana for a few centuries or millenia is utterly believeable to me.

the story so far has been believable so far for both sides for me anyway. except for the fact theyre all still chasing immortality on sith side, how could basic genetic research not have turned off the aging switch by now, for god sakes you can turn into a rakghoul in a few hours...who needs a planet galaxy killing ritual..